Tysoe Submission Plan – May 2019

STATEMENT 13 June 2019

It’s a great shame when the democratic process is attacked and people take matters into their own hands. The official District Council posters giving notice of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation period have been taken down by persons unknown. These posters, in addition to the flyers distributed by the Neighbourhood Plan Group, gave residents of the parish details of how to submit their comments on the Plan. By taking them down someone, presumably opposing the process by which the Plan will be finally approved, was trying to deny residents the information they are entitled to – this is quite shameful and does nothing other than eloquently illustrating the paucity of their argument. The posters were replaced.
On a more positive note the consultation period ends on 28th June and hopefully a good number of residents will have sent in their comments. We will then have to wait while the Independent Examiner studies the Plan and writes his report. This is likely to take some time but we will try to keep residents posted of progress towards a referendum, perhaps in the autumn.
Remember, without a Plan the village is at the mercy of developers with very little with which to fight for what residents have expressed a preference for – small-scale development with a decent proportion of affordable homes and protection for what we all value – our rural environment.

From the Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Group.

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Consultation Statement

Appendix 1.Tysoe Parish Plan 2010

Appendix 2. Timeline of Plan 2013 – 2019

Appendix 3.1. Survey questionnaire 2014

Appendix 3.2. Survey full results

Appendix 3.3. Survey summary results

Appendix 4. 2014 draft Plan

Appendix 5. 2016 Housing Needs Survey

Appendix 6.1. 2017 Draft Plan Vol I

Appendix 6.2. 2017 Draft Plan Vol 2. Evidence base

Appendix 6.3. 2017 Draft Plan comments and responses

Appendix 7.1. 2018 pre-submission Plan

Appendix 7.2 2018 Plan, public comments & responses

Appendix 7.3. 2018 Plan, SDC’s comments and responses

Appendix 7.4. 2018 Plan, WCC’s comments

Appendix 7.5. 2018 Plan, Historic England comments

Appendix 7.6. 2018 Plan, Natural England comments

Appendix 8.1. List of local businesses consulted

Appendix 8.2. List of other and statutory bodies consulted

Appendix 8.3. Statutory newspaper notice for 2017 draft Plan (Stratford Herald)

Appendix 8.4. Statutory newspaper notice for 2018 pre-submissiion Plan (Stratford Herald)

Appendix 9. Examples of publicity material

Appendix 10.1 Examples of meeting agendas and minutes

Appendix 10.2 Examples of reports to Parish Council

Tysoe NDP Doc 1 18.11.19

Tysoe NDP Doc 2 18.11.19

Tysoe NDP Doc 3 18.11.19

Tysoe NDP Doc 4 18.11.19