Neighbourhood Plan

We have a plan!


Members of the Neighbourhood Development Planning Group

Chair – David Roache –

Secretary – Isobel Watson –

Alison Edwards, Jeremy Rivers Fletcher, John Hunter

Parish Councillors: John Tongue and Malcolm Littlewood

Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Tysoe NDP –Tysoe Final Screening Report SEA HRA Screening 11 180219CW


Tysoe’s Neighbourhood Development Plan Referendum

For the last few years Tysoe residents have been active and vocal in discussing the future of Tysoe for the NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN. After countless meetings, consultations and inspections the PLAN has been finalised and approved by Stratford District Council to be released for referendum. This will take place on JANUARY 20th in the VILLAGE HALL

All residents on the electoral role are eligible to vote. The PLAN is about maintaining what is valued most about Tysoe for the future, preserving those aspects of village life and environment that make Tysoe so special, and enhancing the community spirit that make it such a pleasure to live and work here. Among other aspects the PLAN embodies strategies for:

• NEW HOUSES – control over where they should be and their design

• AFFORDABLE HOUSING – rentable homes for young families, local workers and the elderly

• EMPLOYMENT – protecting and enhancing local employment and working from home

• NATURAL ENVIRONMENT – maintaining green spaces, wild life, dark skies and the open rural landscape

• HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT – preserving listed buildings and historic sites, Conservation Areas and village character

• INFRASTRUCTURE – enhancing community assets, amenities, shops, groups and services


Don’t forget to vote on 20th January, 2022 at the Village Hall.

NDP Referendum version 23.11.21

Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan | Stratford-on-Avon District Council


Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Consultation Draft – 9th July 2018

Chairman’s covering letter

Tysoe draft Neighbourhood Plan Summary & Introduction

Draft Neighbourhood Plan

TOR April 18 Neigh Plan Grp Final

Draft Statement of Community Involvement
Consultation Tuesday 25 September – Wednesday 24 October 2018

The District Council is updating its Statement of Community Involvement (SCI). Revision is needed to reflect changes in national planning legislation and a new requirement to set out how the Council will support groups undertaking neighbourhood plans.Planning decisions affect land and buildings, so it is important that local communities, businesses and other interested parties have the opportunity to engage in the processes for plan-making and development management decision-making. A SCI identifies how and when they can be involved.The SCI sets out how Stratford-on-Avon District Council as the Local Planning Authority will engage all stakeholders in the following planning documents and applications:-

• Development Plan Documents;
• Supplementary Planning Documents;
• Neighbourhood Plans;
• Community Infrastructure Levy;
• Planning Applications; and
• Permission in Principle.

This SCI is a Local Development Document and once adopted will supersede SDC’s previously adopted SCI (April 2014).

The consultation can be viewed online at

The deadline for submitting comments is Wednesday 24 October 2018. They can be sent by email to or by post to Planning & Housing Policy, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6HX.

Please email should you require any clarification.

John Careford
Policy Manager (Planning & Housing)

Statement from the Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Group
The Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Group (NPG) would like to thank all residents who took part in the consultation process on the latest draft pre-submission Plan. This consultation ended on 16th September and comments from over 120 individuals were received indicating a high level of engagement.
These comments will take some while to collate and analyse. It is our intention to respond to the main issues and concerns raised by residents by way of a comprehensive response document. This may well take until the end of November at least. In the meantime residents can stay involved by attending meetings of the NPG (the next meeting will be 29th November at 7.15 in the village hall) and by attending Parish Council meetings at which an update is given by the NPG.
We encourage all residents to engage with the continuing Plan process and welcome your comments and feedback although the time frame for commenting on the current draft has closed.
Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Group

Please see the attached document from Rosemary Williams of SDC. This confirms that the Officers’ comments (which are attached) were approved by the Cabinet and that the Plan now moves forward to the preparation of the Submission Plan plus associated documentation. 

The Cabinet formally endorsed the comments on the NDP Regulation 14 on Monday (8 October 2018). Please be aware that there is a 2 week ‘call in’ period now for Overview and Scrutiny Committee.
The next stage is the preparation of the Submission version of the NDP.
The relevant Regulations state that:
1. When formally submitting the NDP to the Council for the Regulation 16 consultation Plan proposals Regulation 15 states that the QB should submit:
(a) a map or statement which identifies the area to which the proposed neighbourhood development plan relates;
(b) a consultation statement;
(c) The final Submission version of the plan
(d) the basic conditions statement
The consultation statement:
(a) contains details of the persons and bodies who were consulted about the proposed neighbourhood development plan;
(b) explains how they were consulted;
(c) summarises the main issues and concerns raised by the persons consulted; and
(d) describes how these issues and concerns have been considered and, where relevant, addressed in the proposed neighbourhood development plan.
When the NDP is submitted to SDC with all the accompanying supporting documents, SDC will carry out the consultation itself but will also be a consultee. SDC will therefore comment on the NDP itself and, if appropriate, the supporting documents, and these, together with all of the other compiled (verbatim) responses, will be sent off to the Examiner.
Guidance produced by NPIERS in May 2018 indicates that the qualifying body will be given an opportunity to comment upon any representations made by other parties at the Regulation 16 consultation stage should they wish to do so. There is no obligation for the Parish Council to make any comments; it is only if they wish to do so. If a qualifying body wishes to make comments, the guidance indicates that any such comments should be made within two weeks .

Appendix 1 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Development Plan 6.9.18

Update to the Parish Council 3rd December 2018

NPG Update statement November 2018

draft Plan May 2017


Tysoe Proposals Map – Pre-consultation draft 8.5.17