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26 November 2021 Neighbourhood Development Plan goes to referendum

The Tysoe Neighbourhood Development Plan will be put to a referendum in the village on 20th January, 2022. All residents on the electoral roll will receive ballot papers and the Parish Council encourage you to vote in the referendum. The Referendum Version of the Plan is posted on this website and can also be found on the District Council’s website – links to both below:

Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan | Stratford-on-Avon District Council

NDP Referendum version 23.11.21

16 September 2021 Revised Neighbourhood Development Plan
Following receipt of the report of the Independent Examiner on the Reg.17A version Tysoe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) from 2020, the Local Planning Authority has now decided what action to take in response to each of the recommended modifications set out in the report.

In respect of Natural Environment Policy 6, the decision of the Local Planning Authority differs from that recommended by the Examiner. Therefore, in accordance with Regulation 17A of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) and Development Management Procedure (Amendment) Regulations 2016, the Local Planning Authority must again publicise the proposed amendments to the recommended modifications for a minimum 6 week period, inviting the submission of representations from organisations and individuals on the changes.

Representations on the proposed changes may be made to the Council by no later than 5pm on Friday 29th October 2021. The proposed changes are summarised in the documents below:

You are encouraged to submit your representations electronically by e-mailing .

If you want to post your response, please send it to FREEPOST RTJX-GHEE-ZUCS, Stratford-on-Avon District Council, Consultation Unit, Elizabeth House, Church Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 6HX.

26 July 2021 Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee Meeting
26 July 2021 NDP Committee Meeting Minutes FINAL
26 July 2021 NDP Committee Meeting Agenda

28 June 2021 Neighbourhood Development Plan Committee Meeting – postponed until lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Tysoe Parish Council are currently taking legal advice on the probity of SDC’s actions in publishing the Examiner’s Fact Check report and have asked for sight of their legal advice.  SDC, as the Planning Authority have a legal obligation to co-operate with parish councils in the preparation of NDPs. We believe that their actions are in breach of this obligation.

In parallel to the legal considerations we have asked for a meeting with SDC to find a pathway to getting our NDP to a referendum – that is our ultimate objective. We anticipate that meeting will take place in the near future.

11 May 2021 Chairman David Roache emailed John Careford, Policy Manager at SDC expressing his concerns with the Examiners report. 2021 05 11 Email to John Careford from Chairman Roache

4 May 2021 SDC reported, after taking legal advice and consulting within their Planning Policy department, they would publish the despite our objections.

25 March 2021 SDC sent the Examiner’s Fact Check report (his draft report for which he is seeking to correct any factual errors).  On reading this Fact Check report we immediately realised that the Examiner had far exceeded his brief which is to very strictly consider whether our Plan complies with Basic Conditions – a very narrow legal brief. In his Fact Check report the Examiner makes extensive comment on a development which Loxton had proposed in their representation on our Reg 17a Plan. His comments, in our opinion, constitute a pre-determination of the proposed development, something that the Examiner should not have done. This, we believe, is highly prejudicial to Tysoe’s interests. The proposed development in question would be within the Strategic Gap ( a plot of land protected from most forms of development) proposed in our Reg 17a Plan.

We raised strenuous objections to the Examiner’s report and asked that SDC did not publish it because of its prejudicial nature.

11 March 2021 Tysoe Parish Council and SDC responded to the Examiner with clarifications including comments on two of the representations that the Examiner was particularly interested in – those from Loxton Developments and from the White family and Lone Star. Tysoe NDP Reg. 17A – Clarification Note with TPC & SDC comments

25 February 2021 We receivedthe Examiner’s Clarification Note regarding a small number of issues on our Reg 17a Plan. Independent Examiners Clarification Note

8 February 2021 Neighbourhood Plan Update


29 October 2020 Stratford District Council  have given notice that following receipt of the report of the Independent Examiners of the Tysoe Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), the Local Planning Authority have decided what action to take in response to each of the recommended modifications set out in the report.

In a small number of instances, the Local Planning Authority’s decision differs from those recommended by the Examiner.  Therefore, in accordance with Regulation 17a of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) and Development Management Procedure (Amendment) Regulations 2016, the Local Planning Authority must now publicise the proposed amendments to the recommended modifications for a minimum 6 week period, inviting the submission of representations from organisations and individuals on the changes.

A copy of the Submission Version of the Tysoe NDP, Examiners report, schedule of proposed amendments and the Regulation 17a version of the Tysoe NDP including the Examiners modifications plus the additional changes are also available to view on the District Council’s website.  If you are unable to view the documents online please contact Stratford-upon-Avon District Council to discuss alternatives on 01789 267575.

Representations on the recommendations as set out in the schedule may be made to the Council by no later than 5pm on Friday 4 December 2020.  

You are encouraged to send your representations by email to:

Alternatively post your representations to:
Stratford-upon-Avon District Council
Consultation Unit
Elizabeth House
Church Street
CV37 6HX

John Careford
Policy Manager
Enterprise, Housing and Planning
Stratford-upon-Avon District Council


9 October 2020 An updated version of the Neighbourhood Plan after amendments made in agreement with Stratford District Council.

TNDP Regulation 17A V4

14 September 2020, David Roache, Chairman of the Neighbourhood Planning Group, gave an update to the Parish Council on the progress of the revised plan.  Included in his report were a list of the amendments Stratford District Council suggested (on 2 September 2020) were made to our revised plan and the responses that the NPG have sent back on 9 September 2020.

Neighbourhood Plan Update for Tysoe Parish Council 090920


21 July 2020 the Parish Council held an Extraordinary meeting to review the redrafted Neighbourhood Development Plan – Regulation 17a version.  At this meeting the Council approved the revised plan and and it was subsequently submitted to Stratford District Council.

Tysoe NDP Regulation 17A Version


17 April 2020 – Email to Stratford District Council confirming preparations to move to Regulation 17a consultations

Dear Sirs
Re: Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan
Whilst we are obviously incredibly disappointed with the outcome of recent correspondence between David Roache, Chairman of the Tysoe Parish Council Neighbourhood Planning Group, and officers of Stratford District Council, we accept that to move forward, without detriment to the Parish, concessions must be made.

As a Parish Council we will now prepare to move to a Regulation 17a consultation focusing on the amended Reserve Sites and the Strategic Gap policies.  We accept that the proposed BUAB for Lower Tysoe is no longer tabled for discussion.  Our aim is to proceed to referendum and to receive Stratford District Council acceptance of the Plan as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with colleagues from Stratford District Council in the future to draw the plan to a mutually agreeable close.

Yours sincerely
Beverley Thorpe
Tysoe Parish Clerk

14 April 2020 – Neighbourhood Plan update
Following receipt of the Examiner’s report on our Plan last month and subsequent legal advice we arranged to meet with the District Council on 17th March. For obvious reasons this meeting was cancelled and no new date arranged. I did have a lengthy phone conversation with the Senior Planning Policy officer and exchanged ideas on a way forward. The purpose of these discussions is to agree on a Plan that protects Tysoe from unwanted development and preserves the things we all value. We will continue to discuss the Plan with the District Council in the hope that, despite the current crisis, we can agree on a way forward.

David Roache, Chairman, Neighbourhood Plan Group

17 February 2020 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan – Examiner’s Final Report
Following receipt of the “fact check” version of the Examiner’s report the Parish Council sought advice from its planning consultant and obtained Counsel’s opinion on the Examiner’s report. This opinion is published here. The Parish Council has now asked for a meeting with the District Council to discuss how to take matters forward. We await a date for that meeting.
Tysoe Neighbourhood Development Plan – Examiner’s report final
Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Legal Opinion 14 February 2020

17 October 2019 – Tysoe Parish Council – comments on Cameron Homes proposed development – Sandpits Road
Tysoe PC Comments on Cameron Homes proposal

10 August 2019 – SDC Site Allocation Plan – Parish Council Response & Summary
Summary of response to SAP
SAP Representations Form DRAFT

15 May 2019 – Submission Plan
The Submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan is now with the District Council for consultation. The consultation period will run from Thursday 16th May to Friday 28th June. All of the documents can be viewed here or they can be viewed at where comments on the Plan can also be posted.
Once the consultation period is over the Plan plus any comments and the Parish Council’s responses to those comments will be given to an independent Examiner who will take up to three months to write a report. If, as expected, he then recommends that the Plan goes to referendum, probably with a few recommended amendments, the referendum is likely to be in late November or December of this year.
This is your Plan and, when the time comes, it is important that you vote. Watch out for further publicity around the village regarding the timing of a referendum and other matters on the Plan.

25 February 2019 – Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulations Assessment of the Tysoe NDP
Please find attached final SEA screening report  which includes the responses from the Statutory consultees.  It concludes that Tysoe NDP should not be screened into the SEA process.
Tysoe Final Screening Report SEA HRA Screening 11 180219CW
Rosemary Williams MRTPI, Policy Planner, Policy Team

29 August 2018 – Statement from the NPG and Parish Council
The Parish Council (PC) and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (the NPG) are aware that certain individuals are trying to influence the consultation process and have distributed literature which the PC/NPG believes is misleading. The PC and the NPG urge you to speak and think freely without influence and respond to the plan consultation based on your own views and not others. All comments will be considered and in due course a joint statement will be released by the PC/NPG .

27 February 2018 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Draft pre Consultation feedback
Tysoe NPG Feedback 08012018

22 August 2017 – Tysoe NPG Meeting Schedule for 2017
Neighbourhood Plan Meetings scheduled for 2017

4 July 2017 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft
The public consultation on the first Pre-submission Draft has now closed.

Both the Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Planning Group would like to thank you for your overwhelming response.

We will not be accepting any further comments at this time and are presently working through all the comments that we have received with a view to making amendments to the plan.

There will be a further Pre-submission consultation in the Autumn where you will have the opportunity to see and comment on the amended plan prior to its submission to Stratford-on-Avon Council.

Tysoe Parish Council & the NPG, July 2017

1 June 2017 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Consultation meeting
June NP Consultations

19 May 2017 – Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan
You can now download the pre-consultation draft Neighbourhood Plan. Readers should also download the Proposals Map which is an integral part of the draft Plan, you may also want to download Volume 2 of the draft Plan which provides much of the evidence to support the policies contained in the draft Plan.
Tysoe Plan Feedback Form
Site Assessment Matrix

5 January 2017 – Housing Needs Survey – Summary of Results
Our thanks go to all of you who filled in Housing Needs Survey forms. The 174 forms returned represent an excellent response for such an exercise. The survey sought to discover what housing is required for people with a local connection and to find what support there is for an affordable housing scheme.  It also gave the opportunity to express other opinions which could influence development within the village.

The survey confirmed that Tysoe has an ageing population which could lead to problems of sustainability. There is a  preponderance of larger houses, above average for Stratford District Council, this combined with an ageing population means that most dwellings are under-occupied.


  • The survey identified a need for eleven new homes in Tysoe Parish for households with a local connection
  • These should comprise a mixture of Housing Association Rental, Housing Association Shared Ownership and Owner occupier dwellings.  Seven of these would be small flats, two 2-bedroom houses and two small bungalows.
  • Responses indicated that there is a clear appetite among residents to meet the need for affordable housing within the parish.
  • There is a need for more smaller houses to allow residents of larger houses to downsize as their requirements change.


  • The rural and historic environment of the village
  • The shops and services


  • Transport links
  • Problems with traffic and parking
  • Proportionate development  (not housing estates)
  • Broadband
  • Flooding

We will use information from the survey to inform the next draft of our Neighbourhood Plan.  Watch for details on the Parish Website and village notice board.

The Neighbourhood Planning Group is setting up a sub-committeee to consider options for affordable housing development in Tysoe. Let us know if you interested in getting involved, please contact: David Roache on: 680309 or email:

The full Housing Needs Survey report is available at:  tysoe-hns-report-november2016

17 November 2017 – Have your Say on the Future of Tysoe

17 November 2017 – Publicity About Public Consultation – Parish Council Disclaimer
It has come to the notice of the Parish Council that flyers about the upcoming Public Consultation 25th – 26th November 2016, calling on residents to vote against certain sites have been distributed to some households in Tysoe.

The Consultation has been organised by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee on behalf of the Parish Council. Its purpose is to allow residents of Tysoe to decide which potential sites for development they prefer and which they like the least.

Neither the Steering Committee nor the Parish Council are offering any opinion on the suitability or unsuitability of any of the potential sites and any publicity about the consultation expressing such opinions does not come from them.

3 November 2016 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan – Save the Date

Come and have your say in Tysoe’s future!
When: Friday 7pm 25th November and Saturday 10.00am-4.00pm November 26th
Where: Methodist Church.  Free tea, coffee and biscuits

This is an important Neighbourhood Plan Consultation.   Love it or hate it, we have to accept housing development in Tysoe.  It’s part of a nationwide policy.  But planners and District Councils now have to take Neighbourhood  Plans seriously.  This is your change to tell us where and what kind of development YOU want rather than having to respond to developers so we can write our own Plan for Tysoe.  YOUR opinion counts, so come along and speak up.  Let’s protect our village and make it a better place to live.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, will be on hand to help.

30 September 2016 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan – “Call for Sites”

Do you have any sites suitable for development?


As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, Tysoe is required to identify and keep a register of sites. From 1 September till 31st October the new Working Party for the Neighbourhood Plan will be running a ‘Site Allocation consultation’.

If you have a site which you think would be suitable for development in the Tysoe Parish, then you will need to fill out a ‘Call for Sites’ form which you can find on the website on the link above, or pick up a form from Tysoe Village Shop and Tea Rooms and return it to the Parish Clerk so it can be added to the Register.   Please complete the form if you would like to suggest land for future development in Stratford on Avon District.  The sites will be assessed as part of the SHLAA and used in the preparation of the Site Allocation Plan which can be viewed at

Please only submit sites capable of delivering 1 or more homes.

For those who have already applied as part of an earlier ‘Call for Sites’, there is no need to reapply as your site details will already be on the register. If you miss this consultation period, don’t panic as applications can always be added later.

Please come along to any of the meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee if you have any questions about the Site Allocation consultation, you will find details of our next meeting on the Parish noticeboard.

Isobel Watson, Secretary
Tysoe NP Steering Committee

11 July 2016 – Parish Council Meeting – Presentation on Neighbourhood Plan
There is a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 19th June 2016 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall, Committee room where the findings and recommendations of the Neighbourhood Plan Voluntary Group will be presented and discussed.

Come along to ensure your views on the future of Tysoe are heard.

There is a meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday 19th June 2016 at 7.15pm in the Village Hall, Committee room where the findings and recommendations of the Neighbourhood Plan Voluntary Group will be presented and discussed.

Come along to ensure your views on the future of Tysoe are heard.
Voluntary Group’s Report (Final Version)

2 February 2016 – Tysoe Needs You

Tysoe Parish Council is intent on getting our Neighbourhood Plan completed.

We are determined to have it done well, with as much involvement of the community as possible. We want to produce a Neighbourhood Plan of which we can all feel proud, and which meets the needs and aims of the Parish of Tysoe.

We need help from the residents of Tysoe to achieve this.

At this stage we need a number of people with a range of skills: for example, marketing, project management, communications, event management, planning, document writing, workshop facilitation, local knowledge and connections.

Most of all we need people with common sense and an interest in the well-being of our community.

Do you have any of these or other skills which you could offer?

You would be asked to be a member of a small working group, taking part in one of a number of projects, over the next 2 to 3 months. We would give you a clear briefing of what will be needed.

The former Steering Group did a lot of work to get us to where we are, but much remains to be done to get the Plan completed.

Please let us know your interest by getting in touch with any Parish Councillor, by phone, email or otherwise.

The following Councillors are responsible for guiding this phase of the Plan’s development:

  • Keith Risk: Tel: 01295 680 522 Email:
    Jacqui Sinclair: 01295 680 592 Email:
  • Further information on the Parish Council and Neighbourhood Plan can be found on the Tysoe Parish & Community Website:

6 October 2016 – Tysoe Neighbourhood Plan October 2015 Newsletter